Reflective Insulation

Trade Select

RM Industries distributes Ametalins product range in Victoria and Tasmania servicing the plumbing and hardware markets through it’s distributor network, please contact us for your closest distributor of Tradeselect Sarking and wall wrap products.

Thermal Brane

Looking for high performance Insulation that will fit right in and still perform in your local climate, anywhere in Australia? RM Industries supplies reflective insulation Thermal Brane and Thermal Break. It works by creating highly reflective airspaces in your home’s roof, walls and floors. It’s like an umbrella against solar radiation and protects your environment from the harsh weather conditions unique to Australia.

Under floor

Underfloor insulation made easy with Thermalfloor reflective insulation system. ThermalFloor stops drafts and dust, is completely water resistant, will not shrink and is fibre and itch free.


RM Industries can offer a range of products for reflective foil applications, pleatted batts, Wavecore insulation systems, wall wrap, sarking, foil tape and closed cell polyethylene foam, faced with aluminium foil. Please contact us for further information.