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E-Therm Under Floor Insulation


E-Therm Underfloor

 E-Therm Underfloor Insulation - New Home Installation


Bare 19mm T & G floor with E-Therm

19mm tongue and grove floor

90mm Unventilated cavity


Unventilated sub-floor

Summer R1.2 - Winter R2.8


E-Therm Insulation

Because E-Therm UF is a semi rigid sheeting supplied in a convenient 10 metre roll (500mm wide) pre slit to fit in between 450mm centre floor joists, it is the fastest and most convenient insulation material to use under floors. If your home is a traditional design with a timber floor mounted on stumps, with open void space below, E-Therm is the under floor insulation for you!

It works most effectively when applied in such a way as to create a sealed, reflective air space, and this is really easy to do under suspended timber floors. Sometimes pest inspectors, plumbers or electricians need to be able to remove insulation to complete their work. Unlike bulk fibre, E-Therm can be easily temporarily removed and replaced without major damage or cost.

E-Therm stops drafts and dust, is completely water resistant, will not shrink and is fibre and itch free.

E-Therm Technical Information

Technical Information

Fire:                 AS 1530.3 Early Fire Hazard Indices:

Noise:              Noise Reduction: STC/Rw 12*

K Value:           K Value: 0.034 w/mK at 20C

Moisture:         Less than .05% absorption full immersion 48 hours in water.

R Value:           2.8 Winter, 1.2 Summer *test reports available

Roll Size:         500mm x 10 metres

E-therm is a three-in -one solution replacing traditional

Foil sarking, Bulk fibre and noise insulation

with one easy application.

Better still, E-therm reduces noise transmission into

your home by up to 12 dBa!

E-Therm How to install



Can be made using recycled foam materials

Foam contains no CFC's or HCFC's


Approximately 5kgs per roll

500mm x 360mm diametre rolls

Insulation Performance

Radiant barrier

Conduction barrier

Moisture barrier

Draft barrier

Effective acoustic barrier

Moisture resistant

Resistant to

Most chemicals

Mould and fungus


Dust entrapment

Health and Safety

Fibre free

Allergy free

Chemical free


Can be stapled

Work from above

E-Therm Underfloor Photo Gallery

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