High Temperature Textiles

Coated Textiles

RM Industries works closely with local and overseas coaters to offer a large range of coated textiles.
Silicone, neoprene, PVB, fluorocarbon, grapite, vermiculite and other rubber coatings to meet customer specific requirements.

Aluminised Textiles

RM Industries suppliers of highly reflective aluminised fibreglass fabrics.
Aluminium and metalised polyester films laminated to one side of the fibreglass fabric to reflect heat in high temperature application.


RM Industries offers all the accessories for fabricaction of the high temperature textiles.
Fibreglass tapes, sewing threads, fibreglass needle felts. stainless steel wire mesh and lots more.

Fibreglass Textiles

RM Industries Suppliers of High temperature textiles
Loomstate woven fibreglass fabric manufactured from continuos E-glass yarn. Caramelised woven fibreglass fabric manufactured from texturised E-glass yarn.

Manufactured Textile products

RM Industries offers a range of manufactured covers, sleeving and heat sheids suitable for high temperature applications