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Outdoor Fountains

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Outdoor Fountains

Flower in Rain Water Feature Water Fountain MC13LST032

Sunflower Water Feature Water Fountain MCLST481

LED Copper Bowls Cascade Water Feature Water Fountain MCLST444

Short Stainless Steel Balls Water Feature Water Fountain MCLST357

Crescent Moon Water Feature Water Fountain MCLST139

Candle Stand Water Feature Water Fountain MC13LST002

Modern Panel Water Feature Water Fountain MCLST326

Rock Waterfall Water Feature Water Fountain DW10025

Bird Bath 3 Tier Solar Water Feature Black F921B1

Bird Bath 3 Tier Solar Water Feature Ivory F921B5

Lions Head Solar Water Feature F811A2

Ball and Column Solar Water Feature F801G

4 Tier Cascading Bowls Solar Water Feature in Brown F996A1

3 Tier Bowls Solar Water Feature Water Fountain in Grey F913B2

Cascade Rock Water Feature Fountain DW196052

Wishing Well Water Fountain Feature DW23007

Tranquil Buddha Water Feature DW35071-2

Tree Trunk With Pots Water Fountain Water Feature DW23012

Triple Drops Water Feature Water Fountain DW197004

Cave Water Feature Water Fountain DW197023

Triple Plates Water Feature DW197069

Buddha Water Feature Fountain DW184001

Multi Bowls Cascade Water Feature Water Fountain DW160008

Raining Shower Panel Water Feature MCLST337

Stone Wall Garden Water Feature Water Fountain MCLST289

Raining Showers Water Feature Water Fountain MCLST309

Stainless Steel Ball Water Feature Water Fountain MCLST323

Modern Square Water Feature Water Fountain MZ13461GB

Art Water Feature Water Fountain MZ14448GA

Multi Plates Water Feature Fountain MZ13965GA

Triple Circles Water Feature Water Fountain MZ13663AA

Triple Vase Water Feature Fountain MZ13043GA

Modern Bowls Water Feature Water Fountain MZ15084GA

Multi Columns Water Feature Water Fountain MZ14520GA

Cascade With Lights Water Feature Water Fountain DW22049

LED Modern Cascade Grey Water Feature Water Fountain MCLST385

LED Modern Cascade Rusty Water Feature Water Fountain MCLST385

Large Rockery Water Fountain Water Feature DW34037

Three Pots In Peace Water Fountain Feature DW22013

Landscape Water Fountain Feature DW161009

Ganesh Elephant God Ganesha Water Fountain Feature DW196042

Tree Trunk Log Water Fountain Water Feature DW96030

Moon Shape Log with Cascade Water Fountain Feature DW196027

Modern Pillar with Shower Water Fountain Water Feature DW197012

Little Creek Water Fountain Water Feature DW22041

Yin and Yang Water Feature Fountain G63-00058

Dancing Lady Water Feature Fountain For Outdoor G63-39735

Lovers Water Fountain Water Feature G63-39736

Large Bowl Water Feature Fountain G88-F14-MB11

Black Ball on Grey Vase Fountain Water Feature G88-F34-MB11&MB17 – (Duplicate Imported from WooCommerce)

Flaming Candle Water Feature Fountain G88-F102-MB37

Trio Cascading Water Feature Fountain SM1055

Tranquil Water Feature Fountain SM608-CA

LX63290 Pebble Shell Indoor Outdoor Water Fountain Water Feature

Table top Fountain with 2 Candles Water Feature LX63383

Flame Water Feature Fountain LR61307-1

Multi Tier Bowls Water Feature DW159050

Twist Column with Bowl Water Feature Water Fountain MZ13765GA

REVERIE 3 PLATE TROUGH Water Feature Fountain SM1818

4 Tier Large Bird Bath Water Fountain Water Feature DW34159


Bring tranquillity to your home.

When it comes to calming sounds, you can’t go past the sound of running water. Unless you are planning on a sea or river change, the easiest way to bring soothing natural sounds to your home is with a beautiful water feature.

For the finest outdoor water features available in Melbourne, The Garden of Paradise is your one stop shop for garden fountains, solar fountain pumps and other solar water features. We stock a wide range of both traditional and contemporary water features for sale in our Melbourne store, ranging from classic bird baths to ornate running garden water features. Browse the full assortment today to find outdoor water features for your Melbourne home today.

Outdoor Water Features and Solar Fountains

Turn your garden into an outdoor oasis with the sounds of running water. Garden water features can help bring tranquillity to even the most sterile inner city space. Whether you’re hiding an unsightly retaining wall with a large wall water feature, or bringing a little charm to a country hideaway, outdoor water features add character to your garden.

We are proud to stock a wide range of contemporary and traditional looking outdoor water features to suit all garden styles. We even have a range of solar fountain pumps and other solar water features for sale in our Melbourne store, which we can ship all around Australia.

Indoor Water Features

Incorporating a water feature into your interior design not only adds to the aesthetics of your space but is a wonderful way to create a calm atmosphere in your home or office. Often used in the entrance ways to offices, in studios and entertainment areas, the sound of water indoors can bring a sense of serenity to spaces both big and small. The Garden of Paradise is proud to stock a selection of versatile water features that Melbourne customers can enjoy both indoors and out.

Contact us to Purchase Garden Water Features Today

Our experienced team can help guide you on what type of water feature will suit your space depending on water requirements, installation process, durability and maintenance. Talk to us today to find out more, or look through our online store to purchase your dream water feature.

Adding that extra element to your indoor or outdoor space doesn’t need to be costly. The Garden of Paradise often has a range of water features for sale in Melbourne, so visit our show room at 6/39 Eucumbene Drive, Ravenhall, VIC.

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